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Real change is not achieved overnight - it happens one step at a time.

Our “happy place” is Cresset House. This is our tangible

social conscience at work because this is where our

bread and baked products are lovingly made.

Cresset House is a Non-Profit Organisation that

is home to many intellectually challenged adults.

They have a small bakery on their premises in

Midrand, South Africa. Any fruit or vegetables

we need for the Chill Innovative Foods kitchen

is first sourced from Cresset Houses’

organically grown gardens.

Our support of Cresset House provides practical

sustainable work for those who would not be

able to work in an everyday environment.

It also assists in achieving their goal of

setting up satellite bakeries in the

disadvantaged communities for

those who are also intellectually challenged.

Food for the Soul

a smitten kitchen

We are seriously engaged with social responsibility and sustainability issues. Our Good

Business Practice Journey is a comprehensive plan that’s making a difference.

We are passionate about our country and our community and empowering

future generations via education.

We employ people who have the courage and determination, but sometimes lack the

ability to read; yet, we employ them. At Chill Innovative Foods, we have adult

literacy training; have many talks and discussions regarding the challenges

that face our daily lives. Included in the topics discussed are rape and

abuse, HIV/AIDS and “Your Constitutional Rights as a South African”.

Creating awareness and providing information is on the top of Chill Innovative Foods’

list of priorities, so that we all can make informed choices. This is of paramount

importance to us. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use

to change the world” – a quote by Nelson Mandela. This quote is on the

website of TEARS (Transform Education About Rape & Sexual Abuse).

TEARS is an organisation that has a very special place at

Chill Innovative Foods and forms an integral part of our

education for all communities.